Car Signage Cost for One Way Vision Rear Window Signage by WrapCraft Hobart

Let’s talk about rear window car advertising. The rear window of your vehicle is a great location for an advertising message, because of it’s high visibility. When your vehicle is parked the rear window will basically be at eye level. When you’re driving on the road, the person driving behind you has plenty of time to see and read your sign. Undoubtedly a rear window car sign will get you a lot of new business. The tricky part is that obviously you need your rear window for safety reasons. That’s where digitally printed one way vision car window signage comes in handy.

CLEAR FOCUS AUTOVUE – Rear Window Advertising

CLEAR FOCUS AUTOVUE is a self-adhesive film with two millimeter perforations. It is fully printable on one side. So it can carry any message you like. And it’s black on the the inside of your car. As a result you can look through it without confusing your eyes with a multi-coloured film.

Once your Rear Window Advertising is in place, we coat it with a laminate. This will protect the ink on your sign against scratching and UV damage. Without the protective laminate, the ink would be susceptible to scratching when using your window wiper. It also prevents the two millimeter holes from capturing water. And distorting your vision as if you were looking through thousands of prisms.

Since most car windows are curved, it can seriously distort your design. We will make sure this is minimised by making a custom template of your window. So that text is easier to read and looks a lot more professional.

After the protective laminate is installed we finish off with 3M Edge Sealer around the outside of your sign, which will even out the edges of the sign and prevent it from capturing dust and peeling off, for ultimate protection.
All these extra protection measures together make sure your Rear Window Advertising will stay put and grab the attention from many potential customers for about 3 years.

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