Loading Zone Signage Hobart by WrapCraft Hobart. Get council approved Loading Zone Signage to allow the use of loading zone bays.

loading zone signage hobart
loading zone signage hobart

Loading Zone Signage Requirements for the Hobart City area

According to Hobart City Council’s website anyone can use a loading zone as long as the:

  • Name suburb and phone number
  • Name and street address

are “permanently displayed by non magnetic means” on the right hand side of the vehicle. (Read their full rules and regulations on Parking Permits here.)

Right. That’s nice and easy! Wrap Craft Hobart can easily help you out organizing your design and install your graphics on your car. (Or your entire fleet of vehicles) So you can start utilizing those convenient parking spaces straight away.

Loading Zone Signage Hobart by WrapCraft for Bridgestone Select
Loading Zone Signage Hobart by WrapCraft for Fox Friday Brewery

Loading Zone Signage Options

There’s options for every budget. First of all,  you could include your logo as in the examples at the top of the page. Secondly you could go for simple small black lettering just to have it sorted. Or, thirdly, you could seize the opportunity to incorporate a more elaborate design. One that goes further than just the minimum requirements. It could be a good opportunity to advertise your businesses, while keeping things subtle. As you can see in the images above. This is a great option if you want to use your car for business as well as private use.

Our in house graphic designers are available to take your loading zone signage to the next level. Otherwise, you can have your own designer send through the design you want.

Contact us anytime for a FREE quote, no matter how big or small the Loading Zone Signage is that you require.