WrapCraft Hobart Tradies Utes Graphics - KustomLine


Fleet Signage for Kings Outdoor Living by Wrap Craft Hobart

FLEET SIGNAGE – Kings Outdoor Living

Rosny Park, Tasmania

Helicopter Signage RotorLift by WrapCraft Hobart


Hobart - Tasmania

Fleet Signage Hobart Bonnet Logo for ecoCabins by WrapCraft Hobart


Kingston Tasmania

van lettering fleet signage for Contact Electrical by WrapCraft Hobart

VAN LETTERING – Contact Electrical

Hobart Tasmania

Fleet Van Signage for Hill Street by WrapCraft Hobart

VAN SIGNAGE – Hill Street Fleet

Hobart Tasmania

Fleet Signage for Re-Max Sandy Bay by WrapCraft Hobart


Sandy Bay Tasmania

Fleet Signage for Statewide Ag Services by WrapCraft Hobart

FLEET SIGNAGE – Statewide AG Services

New Norfolk Tasmania

Fleet Signage is a very effective way to get your advertising message out on the street. Recognition plays a major part in an efficient advertising campaign. The more a person gets confronted with the same thing, the longer it will linger in their minds. By applying fleet signage to your company cars not only will you install trust during onsite visits to customers, it will add an extra bit of professionalism to your company.
As an added bonus, fleet signage gives you the most value for money as an advertising campaign, giving you low cost moving billboard to promote your business.

Are you sold yet? Great! Here are 3 helpful tips to get the most out of your Fleet Signage Design.

1. Uniform Fleet

If you have a fleet of company cars, keeping the design uniform will help your fleet stand out. When people see the same car wrap on different cars around town or job sites, it not only will linger in their minds for longer, but it will be a professional representation of your business.

2. Subtle changes in each wrap

If you keep all vehicle signage uniform, but change out one element in each car, that can be a great way to playfully promote certain businesses. For example if you have a catering company, you could transform each car into a different cupcake, whilst keeping the same lettering, logo and message. Still uniform and professional but also playful and unique.

3. Drive in convoy

One nicely designed car wrap will give you lot’s of attention, but a mini parade of the same car wrap will most definitely make you stand out and linger in people’s minds for a longer time. If you have multiple company cars, make them drive around an area with lot’s of potential customer’s. You don’t even need lot’s of time or lot’s of cars to make this a very efficient way of advertising.

Whether you’re looking for a complete package including expert advise and a new professional design or just want to have your own design produced and/or installed, contact Wrap Craft Hobart now for a free quote!